It’s so hard to know what to write when there’s nothing in your head. No matter how much I try to think of something clever to write, the mind continues to draw blank. Oh well, I guess that’s it then, I say to myself as I blankly look at the screen with wide eyes, until I eventually give up and decide to check my emails. That was me at 13.09 UK time, still dressed in my jammies with my hair let loose, looking like I’ve just been electrocuted. I didn’t care. I was home alone. The only person that saw me was the postman who woefully failed at trying to hide the amusingly startled look on his face when he handed me a parcel.

I had done some work between 8am and 12pm. I made myself a ham and cheese toastie, so my belly was full and I was content. Now I was chilling out before I jumped in the shower, and started the second phase of my day. I could have happily gone back to bed again, but I knew I had to get this website sorted out, then tend to a client who was arriving for a 3pm appointment.

Something is Missing

This is what I’ve always ever wanted to do – work from home, have my own hours and only have myself to answer to. Of course, if I mess up, I’d have my clients to answer to, but I was yet to experience that. However something was still missing. Am I feeling fed up or am I just becoming complacent.

I have a decent life. I live alone. I have few friends, and some of my clients have become friends. I’m able to pay my bills on time, and I make a regular weekly income, but I still feel financially trapped. I feel like I’m just going round in circles and getting nowhere. A bit like the dog chasing the tail. I’m sure you’ve felt that at some point in your life. For me it’s an unsettling feeling. I feel as if there’s more to life than this, and I want to be a part of it.