My name is Rose and this is my story.

Useless or Naive?

Once upon a time I was an affiliate marketer, and absolutely sucked at it. I joined all sorts of programs, and made little to no money from all of them. I would fall for all kinds of scams enticing me to join. I wasted money on all kinds of software that ‘would help me get sign ups’. In the end I was losing money left, right and center. They say ‘a fool and his money will soon be parted’. Well that was me back in 2005. Looking back I realise I was so naive and ignorant, and actually believed I could become successful without proper research and learning. Don’t get me wrong. I did do what I thought was research, but somehow I always ended up making the wrong choices. That’s when the ego always seemed to kick in and lead me up the wrong path. I stuck with it for a good two years with failure after failure, then I convinced myself that affiliate marketing wasn’t for me, and I concentrated on my safe, secure 9 – 5 day job.

Time is the best teacher

Fast forward to now, 10 years later, I’m older, wiser, a bit more cynical, and a lot more humble, but I still have a hunger to work for myself and be my own boss. Am I doing that? To a certain extent, yes I am. I work from home. I make my own hours, I was  only making enough money to pay the bills, but that started to change when I became more disciplined. I stumbled on an opportunity that has led me back into the world of online/network marketing and all the likes. I now believe I can tap into that steady income stream that I’ve always dreamed of because I’m actually doing it right now.

This is why I’m so happy I met someone who finally showed me a system that worked for me, and I have finally started making money from. It’s a system that can be used with any product or service.

He told me a simple story about the bucket carrier. It flipped the switch for me because it made me see things in a clearer light, and if you’re struggling the same way I was, it could do the same for you.